Every few months WordPress comes up with new updates which fix up the bugs and improve the overall performance. Upgrades are don’t to posts, audio, video and other systems. The most important upgrades are done to the plugins, themes and core platform so that everything runs smoothly on the website. Upgrading your WordPress website is easy, however sometimes there are errors due to clash of plugins or the website completely goes down.

It is advisable to hire a professional agency to handle your WordPress website’s support and maintenance. The importance of WordPress support and maintenance is highlighted by the fact that the WordPress development agency will take all the backup and host the website on a temporary server so that at no time the website will be down.
Acutweb’s WordPress maintenance consists of different stage and elements that keeps your website running smoothly in the backend.

WordPress support and maintenance includes:

• Upgrading WordPress and third party plugins
• Fixing up broken or deal links
• Taking backup of images and content of your website
• Monitoring performance
• Removing spam comments and links

Activities performed during the Support & Maintenance Task:

Upgrading Core WordPress & Plugins: Plugins are independent applications made by the developers outside of the WordPress community. As WordPress is updated, it is the duty of the developer to keep their plugin updated. This is why before installing the plugin, it is important to check the reviews and also check its last update date. Once installed, it is important to update it regularly as it gets updated from the developer.

Upgrading WordPress also consists of back up activity of your website with the optimization of the database. This includes checking all the links of your posts and pages which are broken or dead and fixing them up. Dead or broken links can harm your website sources by injecting a virus in it.


Upgrades are typically to fix bugs and security issues. A support agency will perform the necessary upgrades to improve the performance and features for pages, posts, audio and video systems.


Backups are not only important prior to WordPress upgrades, they ensure the safety and security of your website with consistent backups of your database and files.

Why do you need a professional agency for support & maintenance?

WordPress support is to avert conceivable security breaks. At the point when updates are introduced, there are changes to your documents making your site helpless against programmer assaults. Part of the maintenance system, an agency performs is reliable backing up of your site. Backups are additionally performed before overhauls are made. As of September 2013 more than 70% of WordPress websites were defenseless against programmer assaults. Keeping your WordPress site core, plugins and topics updated will keep your site from being powerless against programmer assaults. When your WordPress website gets hacked, you lose all the data along with decline in search engine rankings. Google de-records locales with malevolent code on them, and if a programmer places such code on your site, you can say goodbye to your position in Google.

At Acutweb, we use the following plugins to backup your website data:


To keep your website safe from hackers and security breachers, we use a couple of WordPress security plugins that include:

iThemes Security
Sucuri Security
All in One WP Security & Firewell

What to look for in a WordPress support and maintenance agency?

Choose a WordPress agency who understands the importance of WordPress support and maintenance. Acutweb is a one-stop-hub for all your WordPress needs. Right from handling support, updates and security bundles and further updates, we do it all. We build long term relationships with our clients, a deal profitable to both parties involved.