According to a report, the search results on first page receive the maximum traffic, this ranges to thousands and lakhs of visitors. Wouldn’t it lend a competitive edge to your business if it gets featured on the top positions of search engines?

However, it’s a task in itself to rank high on the search engines. The SEO wizards at ACUTWEB use paid and organic SEO to build a trust worthy relation with your target audience. Authentic, actionable and generic information is the best channel for brands to outshine their competitors in the jumbled marketplace. By making your website content keyword rich and informative, we ensure your website is highlighted in the search results.

Our SEO aficionados are skilled in conjuring the desired results to drive amazing traffic to your web abode.

Within a short span of 6 months, our SEO efforts helped a client reach from merely 1,000 visitors per month to a phenomenal spiked 5,000 visitors per month.

One of our clients’ traffic reports. We grew their site traffic from 1,000 visitors per day to just under 10,000 per day – all in the first three months!

Our extensive SEO modus operandi includes:

  • Analysis the respective industry to find out the keywords most searched by the customers.
  • An in-depth research on the keywords that have low competitive yet are the most effective.
  • Embedding keyword rich pages on the website.
  • A link building campaign to obtain the high-quality links from the industry’s most authentic website, thus proving that we are not money guzzlers.
  • Including the latest fad, social link building, which means blending social media with our SEO efforts to enhance the threshold of the efforts.

Gone are the days when SEO only meant top rankings. It now means convincing the client about brand superiority via helping them solve queries, participating in question answer sessions, providing them insightful content and addressing their problems. ACUTWEB takes your business to a complete new modality of success level.

Every business is diverse, has a different set of requirements and hence we offer tailored solutions to each subset. Based on their business goals, budget, customer requests and after completely evaluating all these, we come up with a specialized plan of customized Search Engine Marketing Service.

We offer a range of services including Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, tracking and analyzing the metrics and Pay Per Click.