Since a long time, mobile usability websites are preferred by Google’s search engine. Those websites that are optimized for the mobile users rank higher in search results compared to their non-optimized competitors even on the desktop results. But then up to now this factor was unclear and vague.

However until now, apart from the tag of “mobile friendly” there isn’t much that Google has disclosed about the factors to be considered or the number of websites presently affected. Thus many businesses had postponed to make their websites mobile responsive until now.

But form April 21st 2015, everything’s going to change.

Google is forming a major algorithm which will completely change the factors that determine mobile friendliness. This new algorithm will be rolled out on April 21st to affect mobile search across the globe in every language.

Scope of this update

This will be a massive algorithm change to affect websites more than the two greatest Google algorithms Panda and Penguin.

The “non-optimized” websites will observe major decrease in search engine visibility.

Mobile search trend

According to a report, 60% of the Google searches are performed by mobile users hence it was but necessary for Google to take advantage of this trend and enhance the mobile users’ experience.

This proves that those companies who please their mobile users will get the maximum visibility on Google.

How to prepare for this update

For all those whose website is not optimized for mobile users, here are the steps to be followed:

• Check that the mobile version of your website functions seamlessly choose responsive designs for this. Another option is to separately launch a mobile version. Google has no specific preference for this, their only concern is to make the website work flawlessly on mobile device and the mobile experience is not disturbed or broken.

• Your website should be indexed and crawled by Google’s mobile bots. Because if they can’t do it then there are all possibilities that the website isn’t mobile friendly.

• Don’t just check the home page or the landing page for mobile friendliness, navigate each page to check the mobile responsiveness.

Google has offered 2 tools to check the website which are:

• Mobile friendly test – to check if your website meets the basic requirements

• Mobile usability report – run this test to see the website as Google sees it. If any errors are observed, you have roughly a month to get it fixed.

This Google update is the biggest mobile related update but we can feel the hunch that it won’t be the last one. We suggest, if you still don’t have your website optimized for the mobile users, get it done before April 21st, else your search engine visibility will be seriously impacted.

It isn’t late, if you still haven’t made your website responsive, we will do it for you. Hiring us is just a call or click away. Having been into this field since more than 5 years, we’ve make every niche of website responsive and mobile friendly.